From purpose to implementation

After setting our purpose – creating solutions for today´s waste to be tomorrow´s resource – we have defined the objectives to implement our intention for the next three years. These objectives concern the environmental, social and governance alignment of the SULO group. Our ESG strategy consists of four pillars, in which we declare a progress of 5 to 10 % on each issue per year.

The four pillars of the SULO ESG strategy

Reduction of the carbon footprint

We aim on the reduction of the carbon footprint of the group by more than 20 % within the years 2021 to 2024 by continous efforts in the use of recycled material and improved energy efficiency

Increase in the rate of recycled materials

We want to raise the percentage of recycled material in our total plastic consumption up to 80% until 2024. The percentage was 71 % in 2021.

Waste reduction

By improving our equipment and the quality of maintenance we want to optimize the used resources like water, gas, plastics, electricity and reduce the volume of landfilled waste by 30 %

Development of gender diversity

We want to increase the percentage of women to over 30% in the business unit management teams in three years or to have over 35 women (+12) more women in these units.