The SULO answer to global mega-trends

Our vision corresponds with the major issues of our future, since we are actively creating solutions for the continuous improvement of sorting and recycling waste.


Population growth & urbanisation

Waste management is a growing challenge with the increasing pace of global development, it is essential that consumption becomes more intelligent and recycling more precise to achieve the goal of cleaner cities without accelerating the rise of effort and costs.


Environmental awareness

Legal regulations aim to reduce landfill and to increase the recycling share which corresponds with the wish of citizens to participate in the process of preserving our environment. Efficient plastic recycling and material saving therefore are at the forefront of the future.



Efficient smart city management will facilitate and reduce the price for expensive waste collection and recycling processes. It will bring data and transparency to citizens, municipalities and collectors.

Solutions that inspire people to collect waste

The UN estimates that the world’s population will grow to around 9.7 billion people by 2050 and the amount of waste generated will increase by 70%. This makes it all the more important to develop inspiring solutions to collect and sort the growing volumes of waste.
The SULO Group aims to provide all its public and private customers with sustainable solutions that provide added value and meaning.

Supporting our customers in achieving their environmental transition roadmaps

  • We use all the levers of the circular economy to design and create more and more ethical and sustainable products and services, with a focus on 100 % recycled plastic to limit greenhouse gas emissions and, more globally, our impacts on the environment.
  • Making no concessions with the quality and industrial excellence that characterizes the SULO group, but rather strengthening it with Plant 4.0.
  • Providing concrete and innovative solutions for waste management, particularly sorting, with equipment that is increasingly integrated and adapted to the needs of future cities.
  • Developing innovative, robotic, traceable collection solutions for cities where urban space will be adapted to the new uses of its residents.
  • Facilitating out-of-home sorting and cleanliness by designing more intuitive and efficient equipment in which digital technology will provide optimization and anticipation levers for better service.
  • Offering new services for more complex flows such as plastics, bio-waste and bulky waste.
  • Facilitating repair or reuse wherever possible to limit resource waste and carbon impact.

The SULO Group is committed to participate in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.


At the core of all our activities we are driven by the essential values of our brand SULO.


With proven reliability we go beyond standards and focus on details that close the loop.


With united creativity we accomplish smart solutions to collect waste before it pollutes our planet.


We actively take on the challenges to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.