Digital Solutions Revolutionizing Waste Management: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

Our comprehensive range of software and hardware components empowers waste management companies to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.


  1. Software for Services
    Efficiently manage, control, and monitor waste management services with intuitive platform. Track collection schedules, manage work orders, and ensure timely service delivery for improved resource allocation and service quality.
  2. Software for Pay-as-you-throw Systems
    SULO provides state-of-the-art software for pay-as-you-throw systems, revolutionizing waste fee settlements. The software seamlessly integrates with hardware components installed on waste bins and collection vehicles. Residents are assigned bins that can be easily identified and weighed using vehicle hardware. This enables accurate waste fee calculations based on the amount of waste generated, promoting fairness and transparency in waste management billing.
  3. IoT-Powered Hardware Components for Enhanced Efficiency
    Optimize waste management with our IoT-powered hardware components. Our innovative solution merges cutting-edge technology with efficient operations for waste collecting trucks and collection systems. Precise waste measurement, optimized routes, access control, and real-time data empower enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations.


By transforming the waste management operations with SULO´s digital solutions our customers improving efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional service.