Management systems

A smart waste management concept is characterized by connecting all data with the aim to achieve maximum transparency as the fundament to optimize processes and to minimize disposal costs as well as at the end of the day the logistic effort and carbon footprint. SULO combines all necessary hard- and software tools with the expertise of consultancy and implementation.

Tracking the waste flow

It gets more and more important to individualize access and payment due to an up to date „Pay as you throw“ policy that holds citizens responsible for the amount of waste they produce. For this purpose we offer most advanced weighing and access control systems among others.

Optimization of collection

It is a major goal of our strategy to reduce traffic and to design the collection process in the most efficient way possible. In this context SULO´s GPS-board and communication systems, level-sensors and tour planning software equip collectors and municipalities with the most intelligent and integrated tools of waste management at hand.