Safety is the norm – as demonstrated by ISO 45001

One of the most important milestones in ensuring the safety of all SULO employees is the ISO occupational health and safety management system, which repeatedly sharpens awareness of workplace safety issues at all levels. By maintaining a constant dialogue about the latest safety topics and complying with clear, transparent obligations, risks can be detected at an early stage and accidents can be avoided. Another positive side effect of reducing accidents, sick leave and injuries is avoiding the costs associated with these incidents.

Systematically building a culture of safety

To accompany the implementation of ISO, we have set ourselves ambitious internal targets with the SULO Safety programme:

  • zero-accident strategy, i.e. no more serious accidents at work
  • steadily fewer accidents at work overall
  • regular use of training modules to raise awareness of prevention issues and efficient safety inspections
  • introduction of a World Safety Day to raise awareness of the fact that the right gestures and attitudes are vital in preventing accidents and illness both inside and outside the workplace.