Since 2018 two investment companies – Latour Capital and BPI France – have held a majority stake in SULO, having deliberately resolved to invest in the journey towards sustainable circular waste management. As a company with French, German and Swedish roots, SULO is synonymous with economically and environmentally sustainable design in this sector, both in Europe and across the world.

Latour Capital

Headquartered in Paris, this investment company aims to develop small and medium-sized business by making selective investments.

Latour Capital traditionally limits the number of acquisitions to ensure that it can develop the companies it acquires over the long term and lead them to success with sound sector, marketing and trading strategies.

BPI France

BPI France is 50% owned by French public finance institution Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and 50% owned by the French government. BPI France invests alongside private investors in companies that are substantially and credibly committed to environmental conservation via its 95-year ETI 2020 fund.

By following the most stringent criteria when selecting stocks, BPI France offers valuable strategic support both inside and outside France as part of its investments with the help of its experienced teams of experts. The ETI 2020 fund also offers additional capitalisation opportunities and specifically supports growth initiatives such as internationalisation and consolidation measures.