2.500 commited and responsible employees

In 2021 the group had 2.500 permanent employees in more than 40 subsidiaries, including more than 700 at eight industrial production sites. Our European foothold therefore has a strong impact on the regions in which its added value is redistributed. It is a major aspect of our social responsibility to protect local jobs in the regions closest to our local authority clients. It is our ambition to foster local economic development and establish partnerships with all local players. Besides the production chain we have implemented a value chain to serve local authorities.

Pro respect, against all forms of discrimination

Ethics, respect for human rights and the fight against all forms of discrimination part of the groups guidelines. These values are essential for our own activities and those carried out by our subcontractors. The inclusion of the most vulnerable groups is a natural and integral part of our roadmap. The groups ethics guide reflects our values and sets out the code of conduct to which every employee is committed in all areas of company life, such as the competition law and confidentiality.

Recognizing and developing everyone’s skills

The SULO Group wants to offer its employees opportunities to progress in their careers and develop their employability. We pursue an ambitious and dynamic training policy so that everyone can find an appropriate place and blossom. 54 % of all employees received training in 2019. At our production sites, virtual reality is used to train operators on ergonomic issues and also to transmit know-how and information about processes.

Group policy for social integration

SULO promotes initiatives in the areas of hiring disabled workers, job retention, subcontracting to employment centers and hiring on work-study contracts to give everyone a chance of employment.

Open and transparent social dialog

Sharing and exchange with employees is a priority for the group. This policy of open and transparent dialog makes it possible to envision and support the company’s transformation in a constructive spirit of mutual respect.

Health & Safety at the heart of the our concerns

Ensuring the health and safety of all employees and stakeholders is one of the company’s key values. The group’s safety policy is based on a health and safety management system that is globally acknowledged. Its principles are applied to all employees by the means of training and awareness exercises and are fully integrated into our management policies.

The ISO 45001 standard allows us to:

  • Increase the concept of workplace safety for employees at all levels
  • Promote social dialog by making clear and transparent commitments
  • Reduce risks and prevent accidents
  • Reduce direct and indirect financial costs, including costs related to accidents, sick leave and property damage
  • All production sites are certified

Top Safety programme

Launched in 2005, this programme is based on a short interview which makes it possible to assess the knowledge of each employee bout the safety rules. It is based on the five pillars of the group activities (Machines and Materials, People and Leadership, Sites and Monitoring, Environment and Energy, Working Conditions) and the six non-negotiables (Pedestrian Circulation, Personal Protective Equipment & Tools, Forklifts, Lifted Loads, Lockout–Tagout, Work at Height). This Top Safety programme helps to create a culture of safety on a daily basis.

SULO's suppliers are committed

The SULO Group places compliance and sustainable development at the heart of its actions and ambitions, for the benefit of its customers, shareholders, employees and partners. We know that our Partners and Suppliers attach the highest importance to this, just as we do. We therefore invite you to read the Corporate Social Responsibility Charter that SULO has drawn up and to which our partners and suppliers have committed themselves.