No.1 supplier of advanced product solutions

Bins at their best

We produce about 5 million fully recycable 2-wheel- and 4-wheel-bins and 300.000 litter bins in our plants in


  • Langres, France (200 employees)
  • Herford, Germany (200 employees)
  • Valencia, Spain (50 employees)
  • Bort les Orgues, France (20 employees)

Voluntary Deposit

Recycling banks of rotomoulded plastic and steel, underground and halfundergroundsystems are fundamental for efficient sorting and recycling. They are fabricated in


    • Chalon-sur-Saône, France (50 employees)
    • Nokia, Finland (90 employees)


Balers and Compactors

Our competence in the building of excellent machines for the baling and compaction of waste in multiple market segments is unquestioned.


  • Sävsjö, Sweden (80 employees)
  • Chartres, France (100 employees)


Digital Solutions

We have developed high quality digital waste solutions, which play an indispensable role in creating smart, transparent and efficient processes. We have our developing and programming centres in


  • Colombes, France
  • Lyon, France