Executive committee

Our members on the SULO executive commitee

Jean-Marie Vaissaire

President SULO Group

I am delighted to introduce the accomplished executive committee of SULO, a team of visionary leaders driving our company's success with their expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we are poised to make a lasting impact in the waste management industry.

François Lemaire

Group General Secretary

Jean-Marc Fonteyne

Vice President Human Ressources

Antoine Gremillet

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Yves Pornin

Vice President Industry

Laure Lougnon

Chief Product Officer

Alejandro Arderius

Group Commercial Strategy Director

Latifa Gahbiche

Managing Director France

Izaskun Ibietatorremendia

Managing Director Spain and Hispanic Zone

Peter Kamps

Managing Director Germany and Central Eastern Europe

Fredrik Jaginder

Managing Director for the Nordic countries and the UK / Business Development Director

Pedro Debergh

Managing Director Benelux