SULO Group accelerates its development with the acquisition of San Sac Group.

SULO Group acquired San Sac Group, the leading player in waste sorting and pre-collection products and services in Scandinavia, and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of waste compacting machines and balers.


Through this acquisition, SULO is marking a new milestone in its growth strategy, allowing it to expand its offering to local authorities and industry players. This acquisition was made possible thanks to support from SULO’s shareholders, Latour Capital and BPI.


San Sac Group, a Swedish company that specialises in waste container solutions, operates primarily in Scandinavia and France. It has three plants in Sweden and France and employs a total of over 500 people. This acquisition is a key step in the development of the growth strategy that SULO began a year ago. With turnover of €350 million in 2019, the SULO Group will exceed €500 million in 2020 following its purchase of San Sac Group. In addition to these figures, both companies will benefit from significant synergies in terms of products, geographical areas covered, and resources available for innovation.


The exemplary environmental expertise that San Sac Group has acquired in the Scandinavian market will enable SULO to supplement its offering to local authorities and to open itself up more broadly to industry stakeholders. By adding some of the market’s most reliable metal containers and compacting machines to its catalogue, SULO is clearly demonstrating its ambition to conquer the industrial market.


Jean-Marie Vaissaire, Chief Executive Officer of SULO, adds: “As experts in pre-collection, we can bring the first link in the waste management chain to the table. We offer our customers the best solutions for waste recovery and economic optimisation of waste flows.


The recently introduced Circular Economy law places new obligations on waste producers, and requires all stakeholders to go further in terms of recovery and the circular economy. Thanks to the acquisition of San Sac Group, SULO has expanded its range of products and services. It will also allow us to accelerate our R&D work, meaning we can offer our customers the solutions of the future.”